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Cham Island- beautiful and romantic beaches of Vietnam

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    Summer is the time of year people are looking for ideal for their own vacation. Let’s go to Cham Island and join Cham Island Excursion - one of the beautiful and romantic beaches of Vietnam, has a glamorous beauty with white stretching sand beaches. This is a perfect place to combine a beach visit with a good walk.
    Cham Island- beautiful and romantic beaches of Vietnam.
    With Cham Island, you not only soak in the clear blue sea, the gentle white waves, but also enjoy the famous specialty here. From the very moment you get here, you will know that you made a right decision by booking a tour in a stunning destination.
    Cham Island Excursion - the beach untouched by the sea

    With crystal clear waters, Cham Island has been not unspoiled by pollution. The sands sparkle against a backdrop of green forest, make it more spectacular. Perhaps the simplicity and beauty of nature with serene and gentle beaches is typical attraction of Cham Island.
    Moreover, on the shores, beside pristine forest gives you a sense of freshness. The beaches here are also planted coconut palms makes it more and more beautiful. So that if you go to Cham Island, you not only be one with the sea, but also discover the cool green forest scene. It will offer you a feeling of pleasure.
    Not just a great beach – here you will also enjoy the amazed cuisine. Let try Vu Nang Snail, Dry Squid...if taking Cham Island excursion.
    Way to make the most summer - Cham Island

    If you love beach, there are no place perfect than Cham Island for you. The waters here are relatively calm, and there’s plenty of sand to use for sunbathing or castle-building. It so interesting to bask in the soft clean sand after soaking in the clear waters, thanks to the fine sand and calm waves.
    In addition to swimming and sunbathing, here you can snorkel. The snorkeling tour and scuba diving is amazing because it has coral reefs. Or you can join the fun games on the beach as though flying. Especially let try to join seatrek – underwater walking - a new great activity has been started in Cham Island.
    Walking underwater.
    Cham Island beaches has spectacular scene thanks to the Creator of nature. Not only that, the people and the local government also launch the environment protection campaigns to make the emvirontment more and more beautiful than ever. Thus Cham Island tourism is growing and there are more people going here.
    Cham Island Excursion – you will have a great beach of trip!

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