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Flir FX FXV101-H Review

Thảo luận trong 'Chuyện bên lề' bắt đầu bởi bé ngốc, 15/6/16.

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    Video & Audio
    Video captured during the daytime or in a well-lit area is always going to be higher quality than video captured in a dimly lit room, ip wifi camera but the Flir FX produced exceptional quality video compared to other IP cameras even in low lighting. Small details that were close to the camera, such as scuffs on a door and loose threads on fabric, were visible in the footage we captured during our testing. We could also see more details at a distance than with any other internet camera we tested.
    In lower light, the Flir FX still performed well, but there was a slight loss in clarity. At night in total darkness, this Flir clearly displays objects close to the lens but struggles with those further away because its invisible LED lights illuminate a shorter distance than some of its competitors. We could still camera wifi make out details in video captured at night, but we couldn’t see much farther than about 10 feet from the camera.
    At 1080p, the Flir FX has high video resolution, which means you see sharp images. The camera captures video at a frame rate of 30 fps, which is high enough that video plays back smoothly without choppiness or jumping. Another reason the Flir FX is one of the best wireless IP cameras we tested is it has one the widest fields of view, so you can see a large portion of the room you’re monitoring.
    This IP camera has the standard features found on most IP cameras; for example, you can set the camera to record only when security camera it detects motion or sound. Flir FX takes this a step further: You can set what the company calls “smart zones” with the app. While viewing the area your camera covers on your smart device, you can select the specific spots you want the camera to monitor for motion. This is useful if you have pets that roam the house freely.
    Operation & Convenience
    The Flir FX IP camera is easy to set up, but during our testing, we couldn’t use it right away, which was a slight inconvenience. The instructions state that you must charge the camera for at least 30 minutes before using it. This is because the Flir FX has two rechargeable batteries – you can use this camera anywhere, but only for about four hours at a time.
    Once we started testing the Wi-Fi camera, the mobile app gave us a bit of trouble. Other IP cameras showed video right away, ip camera new but Flir FX didn’t, and it wasn’t immediately obvious how to get the live feed going. We adjusted some of the options and finally found video. The Flir app notifies you when motion or sound triggers the camera, which can be either useful or annoying, depending on how well the smart zones feature works for you. You can’t schedule recording, and the Flir doesn’t integrate with any smart home third-party systems, sale ip camera so you have to rely on your camera to detect everything.
    One of the Flir FX’s unique features is its recap video. The app combines motion-detected events from the day into a single short video so you can review what happened in your home quickly. It’s a time-saving feature, cheap ip camera but the IP camera picked up some false motion a few times.
    If you decide you don’t want to use Flir’s cloud storage service, you have the option of using a microSD card up to 64GB in size to store footage. Flir’s basic cloud storage is free and includes two days of storage before your recordings are deleted and three recap videos per month. The cloud storage in the company’s lowest pricing tier includes seven days of video storage and unlimited recap videos.

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