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    If you take one day to travek all places in this ancient city and enjoy all Hoi An food, you can hardly. Now, Seatrek will introduce to you some famous food address that you may be interesting.
    Many local residents living in this ancient town said that Cao Lau was appeared from the 17th century, in the time of opening the port of Hoi An, allowing many foreign traders to come. Cao Lau –an unique food attached to Hoi An ancient town. Cao Lau looks like noddle, but not noddle. Cao Lau was influenced by Chinese cuisine and also affected by the cold Udon noodles of Japanese. However, Cao Lau Hoi An still has its own flavor and become the unique food that tourists should not miss.
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    The way you eat Banh Dap is to smash the rice paper, hence the translation "smashing rice paper". Banh Dap is combined with two pieces of crispy rice paper and wet rice paper smashed on the table. It's meant to be eaten in pieces then dipped into a bowl of sweet fermented fish sauce and chili called Mam Nem. Banh Dap is often sold at roadside, alleys, or on a pair of small baskets to sell through the roads of the country or street corner.
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    Sweet corn soup - is a famous food in list of Hoi An food . It is a sweet and sticky dessert made with shaved kernels of corn sourced from the village and sweet glutinous rice. It can be enjoyed at warm, cold or at room temperature. It is also a rustic Hoi An food becoming very famous recently. Unlike sweet corn soup in the southern, sweet corn soup in Hoi An is not cooked with coconut water so it has a specially original flavor of corn. When we eat, we just need little coconut milk on top to increase the fat. When a tourist finished enjoying this sweet corn soup, he must exclaim: " Hoi An Corn has been seen as a brand".
    It takes three years to become an expert at making dumplings and cauldron cake, two types of shrimp dumplings made from translucent white dough bunched up to look like a rose. White rose dumplings have become ubiquitous symbols of food in this ancient town.
    Dumplings and cauldron cakes- two cakes have the same ingredients and are often eaten together on a cake plate. The main raw material for processing two types of these cakes is rice. Rice must be white , grain, fragrant, and are planted in clean land. Cauldron cake is usually made from shrimp mixed with a little crushed pepper, garlic, onion, lemongrass and some special spices. Dumplings is made from pork, mushrooms, green onions and fried with some special spices.
    Address: White Rose Restaurant on Nhi Trung street. Here, you not only enjoy these delicious cakes but you can visually see the unique process of making these cakes.

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