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LG Optimus Big LU6800 Factory Reset Ok

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    To connect the phone you should remove accumulator and then connect the cable to the handset
    If you need to enter into the LG service menu
    type "3845#*6800#" in the number dialing window
    To enter the provider hidden menu you need type service password
    which is shown in the log
    then type service password once more
    Usually the service password is 147789
    Connecting with LU6800
    Firmware Version: LU680128
    Bluetooth Address: 70:05:14:17:24:7F
    Receiving phone info
    Firmware Released: 19:00:00
    Firmware Compiled: 00:33:02
    Connect mode: Normal
    Meid unlock code 02f7144e0357ffe0
    Firmware Version: LU680128
    SPC: 000000
    MEID: A00000312E2161
    Mobile ESN: 80ACF9C6
    Bluetooth Address: 70:05:14:17:24:7F
    Phone Number(MDN): 01039976971
    min1: 9976971
    min2: 063
    SSD_A: F473EBC6FBDA9F96
    SSD_B: 00FE31BEE86D43EF
    AKEY: 00000000000044967056
    User Lock Code: 0000
    MCC: 450
    MNC: 6
    Info received
    Restoring to factory defaults
    Cant switch the mobile phone to download mode
    You can make it manually
    OMAP User Data Clear Done
    AP part has been successfully reseted
    If you want to continue work with the handset
    you should reconnect it with special buttons pressed
    as you did it when you connected the first time
    Don't forget to restart the phone
    Factory defaults successfully restored

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