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NISSAN tuyển Marketing Manager

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    • Propose & implement marketing strategies and follow-up their development & execution across the organization & the network of Nissan dealers.
    • Work closely with Sales Manager, Dealer Development Manager, website specialist and other related colleagues to maintain brand integrity across Nissan website & product microsites, product lines, advertising and all other internal & external communication
    • Oversee the production of TV commercials, newspaper and magazine advertisements, direct mail packs, email campaigns, websites, exhibitions stands, road shows and liaising with art designers, copywriters, media buyers and printers.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional departments such as sales, marketing... to execute marketing plans
    • Work with outsource agencies like media, PR and event companies in executing the marketing plans
    • To strengthen the relationship with Press and Media
    • Execute Press-launch events (test-drive, press –kits etc)
    • Execute marketing plans to achieve required market positioning
    • Execute the marketing cycle plan with Nissan dealers.
    • Manage relevant suppliers on marketing and business management tools.
    • Coordinate with other managers to implement Nissan’s National Sales Company- Competitive Advantage Map (N-CAM) throughout the whole organization.
    • Formulating an annual marketing plan and annual budget for Nissan Vietnam and its dealer network.
    • Regular reporting of marketing budget usage
    • Sales promotions planning and execution
    • Purchasing and inventory control of branded stationary, giveaways and sales promotional items, marketing materials (catalogue, leaflet, brochure, marketing gifts...)
    • Other relevant ad-hoc tasks assigned by the management

    • Minimum 5 years brand/PR/marketing experience, from FMCG, automotive distributor or service industries
    • Fluent in English
    • Male is preferable
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including presentation skills
    • Effective negotiation & influencing skills
    • A flexible and positive approach to problem solving
    • Good analysis with the ability to recognize and focus on priorities.
    • Self-driven, proactive, results-oriented and a clear focus on high quality and business profit
    • Willing to travel and/or moving
    • Be able to work under high pressure
    • Drives continuous improvement
    • Strong interpersonal skills and can be a relationship builder
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