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Samsung releases KNOX 2.0, starts with Galaxy S5 !

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    Samsung has announced the availability of its KNOX 2.0 platform for Samsung devices, starting with the Galaxy S5. The KNOX 2.0 has evolved from a core security platform and an app container – now known as the KNOX Workspace – to an end-to-end secure mobile platform and includes EMM, Marketplace and Customization, in addition to the previous generation KNOX features.

    In simple words, KNOX 2.0 gives businesses the much required security and employees, the liberty to use their own devices at the workplace.

    The KNOX 2.0 features an improved user interface, better device integrity from kernel to app, TrustZone-Protected Certificate Management, Two-factor Biometric Authentication, support for Google Play Store apps and more.
    The KNOX 2.0 is available for Galaxy S5 and will be available for other Samsung devices in the coming months.

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    : KNOX 2.0

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