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Seeding happy heart with love wallpaper

Thảo luận trong 'Các Sản phẩm ngoài lề' bắt đầu bởi nam98cl, 15/10/16.

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    You find happiness when? When you get a lot of money, if you're lucky get a scholarship or proud when you defeat an opponent little butterfly own bluff or when you receive love from others ? The question was so easy for those who know the true value of life, but it is hard for those who only know the material, the value of worship vague, frivolous in life. And the answer was the love wallpaper hearts are the source for happiness.
    But the heart is not always now how the waves of love that sometimes the reverse. He said beating heart, beating right with the beat of a healthy heart, but I now the blood flow in it was not warm, but cold to loathe. Coldness that makes other people hurt, suffering and torment. Ban was never silent and feel the warmth of his heart yet? Or do you ignore it? You simply knew beating heart is enough. As for me, I always win a bit of time to feel about it. Because such times I understood many things interesting. In progressive society but equally bustling, complex, difficult, the need so great moments, great hearts to flutter now, to love. Yet the Chinese people accidentally, cold, emotionless just knew she was two years old-looking to leave, to abandon this life while it is not enough awareness, not to understand and explore the magic colors of this world. Why do people do that? The heart of where are they? They accidentally to that? That is the question I asked myself when I read the news flow Their estrangement has lost the happiness of others, making "the painful sight that pleased". If they know love, know how to open your heart, open your arms out to catch taken and rescued it, then everything was different. But now they did not do so.
    Well, the heart of love, happiness is the most important and wonderful if someone gets a heart it.But why is it important to know that vibration? This question is redundant, but perhaps we need to place it in a situation to discuss more thoroughly. As we have asserted from Previous loving heart are the source for happiness. Heart wallpaper here simply do not correspond to what we wanted which was a warm feeling, I was sick with their pain. Understand that, we help them with the heart of your true love. The help was not when we donated a huge sum of money which is important in the heart, the emotions that we won them. "The more you object to" rightfully so. Although we do not have enough money to help them out as much others but I have the heart, we will share them with spiritual wealth they have. So when things get emotional, loving messages about, it also makes the lives of suffering people feel warm and happy, help them understand that they are not alone in the world nay. Not only gender they feel happy just separate ourselves, but also feel happy. By odd "in life there is nothing more noble and good is bringing happiness to hd wallpapers ." At times like your heart was literally a heart. It has learned to love, to share, and you know proud of that.
    "Only love happy new seeding" is a true theorem has been confirmed by life. And we the people of the new generation continue seeding happy, sowing the seeds for love and reap the beating heart with kindness and the blood of nation with tradition of love and get happy being of others as harbor for berthing the ship of love.

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