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Share Hard reset HP Elitepad windows 8

Thảo luận trong 'Thảo luận phần mềm' bắt đầu bởi truyengsm, 9/11/13.

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    1. Hold power + volume down button to boot into menu screen.
    2. Select F11 recovery.
    3. Select Troubleshoot.
    4. Select Advanced.
    5. Choose command prompt (CMD).
    6. Once inside command prompt type DISKPART and press enter. now diskpart will launch. use it to format your hard drive: type list volume, then type select volume <x>, replace <x> with the OS volume number (usually volume 0) and then type clean to delete the volume
    Click Start > Run and type “CMD”, pressing Enter should open a new terminal.
    Start CMDStart CMD

    We need to next start the Disk Part tool, type “DISK PART” into the Command Line and press Enter.
    Start Disk PartStart Disk Part

    Next let’s display and identify which volume we would like to format. Type “list volume” and press Enter. You should see a list of available volumes. Identify the one which you wish to format, be careful selecting the wrong volume will spell disaster!
    List VolumeList Volume

    Type “select volume <x>” and press Enter, where <x> is the volume you wish to focus on.
    Select VolumeSelect Volume

    Type “clean” and press Enter. This removes any and all partition or volume formatting from the disk in focus.

    Type “create partition primary” and press Enter. This creates a primary partition on the current disk. After you create the partition, the focus automatically shifts to the new partition. It is possible to create multiple partitions if you like. To do this you would add the option size=<x> where <x> is the size in megabytes (MB) you would like the partition to be. If no size is specified, like in my example, the partition continues until there is no more unallocated space.
    Create PartitionCreate Partition

    Type “format fs=ntfs quick label=test” and press Enter. This will now perform a quick format, using a ntfs file system and labelling the drive “test”. You may wish to use the file system fat32 in place of ntfs if you would like to use the drive with other operating systems.

    Lastly type “assign letter <x>” and press Enter, where <x> is the letter you would like to assign the drive.
    Assign Drive LetterAssign Drive Letter
    You can close the Disk Part tool and Command Prompt using the “exit” command. You should now see your freshly formatted drive in My Computer, ready to use.

    7. once you have wiped your hard drive power off your elitepad. Plug in the recovery USB and power on the unit as step 1.

    8. Select F11 recovery, then troubleshoot and then reset your PC. It will ask if you want to keep the original partition or re-partition the drive. I always choose to repartition the drive just like factory original.

    9. Wait about 3 hours for the recovery and then unplug the recovery USB and your elitepad should work like new again.

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    Wait about 3 hours for the recovery...không ngồi chờ lấy được nhé anh em :D
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