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Spices of love wallpaper

Thảo luận trong 'Các Sản phẩm ngoài lề' bắt đầu bởi nam98cl, 13/10/16.

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    If there is a spice adds warmth and meaning in life ... that's love. If there is a spiritual feelings help us overcome many difficulties and challenges that is love wallpaper for pc
    There are those who understand that in life there is much more precious than money - it is love. Love is a beautiful definition of human dignity, human beings in the peak of Truthfulness-Compassion aesthetic.
    Love has diversified, such as five-color stones, each side on each side are a shimmering different colors. Love is invisible but its presence visible again, it crept into every corner of daily life. May be invisible, can also be deliberate that we do not recognize, simple expression, the closest of human love is love, parents, siblings, or other family members . In other words, this is the spirit. Humans are born anybody willing beloved father, mother, loves humans carry the same blood. We bring it to life and put beside it a different emotion friendship. After the sorrows and joys of childhood, of the sharing of life, a rope invisible strangers to talk to as a friend, an important part of life. Friendship sympathy. understanding, sharing and empathy, after all, is also a manifestation not fussy and noisy, but very natural, simplicity of love. Besides, we can say that, love couple, and the similarities between the two is also part of the soul of Heart wallpaper . When considered in a broader sense, there is no magic bag containing all the love of humanity. We loved the familiar faces that we still meet every day, weather between us and they did not have a communication link yet, simply because we live together in the same shaking his piece of land, a nation together , share common voice ... color .... We trade the orphan with no parents, worried for the lives of its people just happened hailstorm ....... We I sympathize, painful, anxious for those who have never met by the love of people is endless. There are people who have spent many dedicated to caring for children in orphanages, care centers and foster children with disabilities, children infected with AIDS ......... They work silently without merit is rewarded, nor should be praised. They do just as love for people or displacement of the small, unfortunate. Pen and paper does not register for all the people in her beautiful personality that. Pride themselves create their own life, not someone else arranged. Life is difficult, but rose above all the new-found glory and true happiness.
    Besides, in the rush treadmill noisy life Graffiti wallpaper , there are many who do not have love. They live for their ego, leaving things around them. They can indifferent to the most pitiful situation. Even people who only know how to love myself without knowing sa shared love for anyone else. Such men are not much but a deplorable phenomena in the society by: "Life is giving, not only get their own."
    Love honoring the human personality, while bringing down the factored form of human insensitivity into the abyss of defeat. Love is definition of noble qualities moral personality. Each person needs to know to foster and promote, to love truly become the common denominator of the human personality.

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