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The app’s dashboard is the main control panel for the camera

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    Live video can be viewed on a ip camera new smartphone or tablet using an iOS or Android app, but you can’t access the Piper nv using a Web browser. The app’s dashboard is the main control panel for the camera. Front and center is a security wheel that lets you switch between Stay (when someone is home), Away, and Vacation security modes, or you can disarm all security rules. When you change modes, the camera beeps (loudly) for a few seconds and a voice tells you that you’ve entered a new security mode. The left side of the screen shows indoor and outdoor temperature readings, sale ip camera and a status menu below the security wheel lists recent triggered events (motion or sound detection) and the status of any installed Z-Wave devices.
    Over on the right are Settings, Events, and Recording icons. The Settings menu is where you go to enable or disable the siren, cheap ip camera set the temperature display to Fahrenheit or Celsius, and enable the Pet at Home feature, which lets you set motion sensitivity to prevent small animals from triggering an event. Here you can also set up a Trusted Circle of contacts that will be notified when an event occurs, and adjust video settings to help preserve bandwidth.
    The Events and Recording pages list all events and recordings that have triggered the camera, and show the time of day, HD Wireless IP Camera date, and security mode (Stay, Away, Vacation). Pressing the play icon next to each event lets you view a 35-second video clip, which is stored in the Piper cloud. The cloud will store up to 1,000 clips (free of charge) and then will begin overwriting them when the limit is reached. If you click the arrow on the right the clip will be downloaded to your photo gallery.
    At the bottom of the dashboard are tabs to view live video, control Z-Wave devices, set security rules, and view data collected by Piper’s sensors. You can set rules for each security mode for when motion and/or sound are 720P HD IP Camera detected and when the temperature reaches a certain threshold. Options include setting the camera to record video; being alerted by text, email, phone call, or push notification (you can check all if you prefer); notifying a member of your Trusted Circle; and sounding the siren.
    The Control page lets you set up rules for your Z-Wave devices, and includes timing schedules, temperature thresholds, IP Camera Onvif and lighting conditions. For example, you can have a lamp connected to a smart switch turn on when the Piper’s light sensor says it’s dark, or have your lights turn on and off according to a timed schedule. The Vitals tab brings up a colorful graph that displays indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, ambient light and sound, and motion data for the last 48 hours.

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