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Tool All-In-One Toolkit HTC ONE 2014 (M8)

Thảo luận trong 'Android' bắt đầu bởi nhathuy20081989, 4/4/14.

  1. nhathuy20081989

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    Tool All-In-One Toolkit HTC ONE 2014 (M8)

    Cái này chắc e không cần viết dài dòng mấy ae cũng biết , tool all in one cho htc one 2014 (M8) vừa mới có trên trang nay e xin phép post vô đây để tiện cho ae nào cần down về :
    Bạn không thể xem nội dung này - Vui lòng đăng ký thành viên để được xem ! Cảm ơn.

    Post 1 - Information
    Post 2 - Downloads and Release / Change Information
    Post 3 - Bugs, Future Additions to the GUI, FAQ

    I created an easy to use GUI program for the HTC Amaze and I decided to make one for the HTC One M8. I spent a good over 10+ hours to learn how to script, watch videos on how to do it, working on it during school when I should have been listening lol and all that fun stuff. I am going to fix it and up and add more updates to it. You CAN place requests and I will try to fulfill it!

    If this helped you out, Please press the thanks button and if you want, you can always donate!


    - Install HTC Drivers
    - Enter Bootloader
    - Get Token ID. Register at HTCDev, login to the site and submit the Token ID.
    - Unlock Bootloader (Must place Unlock_code.bin in the folder)
    - Various useful commands
    - Install Recoveries
    • User Provided Recoveries
    • TWRP

    • User provided kernels

    - Link to this thread
    - Link to PM me if you need a phone unlocked
    - Link to the One Development thread
    - Boot Into Recovery/Bootloader/Phone
    - Flash kernel/recovery/RUU zip
    - Relock Bootloader (must be in fastboot)
    - APK Batch Installer (Credits to hamsteyr)
    - Donate to me (Hasoon2000) -> Donating to yours truly for putting time into this!
    Here is a screenshot.

    How To Use. THIS IS FOR THE PC ONLY. No plans ever for Mac or Linux. Sorry.
    1. Download the toolkit DO NOT RENAME THE FOLDER
    2. Download Winrar from Bạn không thể xem nội dung này - Vui lòng đăng ký thành viên để được xem ! Cảm ơn.. Install it after you download it
    3. Extract the folder anywhere.
    4. Run the program.

    - The guys at the AutoIT help forum that helped me learn how to make the script!
    - Devs for making us ROMS!
    - The community for being awesome!
    - HTC for making us the phone so we can be a community!
    - To everyone else I may have forgotten!

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