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What is an web creator ?

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    App Creator

    What is an web creator ?

    A website application developer / creator is the core in every aspects of the internet, sitting hours in front of their monitor to try and turn their best effort into digital products to provide us multiple kinds of services, or just simply to connect people to each other. A more simpler description would be that they are the people who create, design and maintain websites on the internet, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that web developers aren’t worth that much, because they are one of the most important groups of professionals in the field.

    The internet is possibly the fastest growing markets and it has embedded itself into every aspect of our day-to-day life. Moreover, the internet represents almost 700$ billion in economic value, and it show absolutely no sign of slowing down. Because of those, the job of a web developer is not only valuable but also vital to our personal lives and the world economy landscape. Becoming a web app creator requires dedication, responsibility and some specific sets of skills in order to build a functioning website. Some of those skills are :
    - Master the web coding languages and frameworks like PHP, HTML, Ruby, CSS… and have some experience with databases.
    - Understand and provide the optimal user interface for specific pages for specific customers.
    - Efficient with creation tools like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and have the ability to build a complete website from start to finish.
    - Be able to create website examples and prototypes to show your clients what you have to offer before starting to work on the project.
    - Understand and know how to work with HTML and CSS languages.
    - Develop websites and web apps that have both functioning features and excellent design aesthetics.
    - Have the responsibility to test, maintain and debug the websites or web apps that you have created.

    Those are some of the standard requirements of a web developer, they will be expected to have at least one of those and can put them to use effectively throughout their careers. Still, some of the developers may be attracted to one aspect of development more than the others. In this case, website developers / web app creators need to know about the different categories of a development process :
    - Front-end : essentially what everybody see when they visit the website / web application. Everything from text, images, videos, drop down menus will be displayed here, and users can interact with almost any parts of the front-end. This speciality is for people with creative ways of thinking.
    - Back-end : the back-end of a website / web application is what will not be displayed to a normal user. It is basically the core of the website, it deals with servers, structures, databases and working logic. People with critical and logical thinking will find themselves comfortable with working in this part of the website.
    - Full Stack : for the one who can do both. A full-stack developer can demand a higher salary for their work and can apply for more positions than a normal front or back-end developer.

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